Hunan cookbook is one of the 20 best food books of 2014 according to Observer Food Monthly

The Hunan cookbook was picked as one of the 20 best food books of 2014 in this weekend’s Observer Food Monthly.

According to the OFM, the book is “An eclectic collection of recipes from the Pimlico restaurant many consider the best Chinese in Britain”. It’s in great company.

Many thanks to Allan Jenkins and Gareth Grundy.

You can read the piece in the OFM online here, as well as see the other great books in the selection

Hunan cookbook, available for pre-order

Hunan book

At the beginning of last year, I found myself freelancing full-time and for the first time. It was unexpected and rather daunting to say the least. Suddenly, I couldn’t just write for pleasure (d’oh) but had to actually make a living (argh).

Good fortune fell on me early in the year when Dino Joannides recommended me for a book project – that turned into Hunan: A Lifetime of Secrets from Mr Peng’s Chinese Kitchen.

I was the co-author alongside the legendary Hunan Restaurant‘s chef/patron Yong Shuang Peng aka Mr Peng.

As my first book project, it was as much one for learning about Chinese food as it was about making words fit. Almost a year after the first introductions were made, I’m pleased to say that the Hunan cookbook is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available to purchase from 17th April this year.