A little less writing, a little more editing

I’ve been installed in London for around six months now, which is possibly the longest stretch that I’ve been in one place for a year or two. If you’ve been following closely, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been doing a lot less writing for other people and a lot more pieces for my blogs In Pursuit of Food, Amateur Wine and Culture Explorer

Am I ditching journalism for blogging?

No, not quite.

I’ve been doing more in-house editing jobs lately so haven’t had as much time to pitch stories. Incidentally, a bit of shameless self-promotion, but if you’re after a digital editor get in touch with me here.

One of these editing projects is for the Chinese edition of Cedar’s BA High Life.

Picked up this today, something I worked on last month #BA #HighLife

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But I still love writing of course, which is why I’ve spent more time working on my blogs where I have full editorial and creative control. It’s allowed me to put up more video content and start a podcast for Amateur Wine. I don’t really feel that it’s a trade off as it allows me to develop and build on my existing skills in my own sandbox.

I also took a month off in February to do a 30-day novel writing challenge, of no relation to the movement, which really re-energised my love for writing. Yes, I know – what a luxury. It’s something that I’m still working on, albeit less fervently.

The future, however, is in the balance.